Dealpath nabs investment from JLL Spark's newly launch PropTech fund

Dealpath nabs investment from JLL Spark's newly launch PropTech fund

Dealpath, a real estate transaction management platform, has received an investment from JLL Spark.

Valuation Advisory: Invested in technology

JLL’s Valuation Advisory business is partnering with JLLT to empower our team and clients with the best technology in the industry.

Realcomm CRE Enterprise Tech Series Part II: Investment Management- Dealpath Webinar Presentation

To remain competitive as the market recovers, commercial real estate investment management firms must find ways to streamline their property evaluation and analysis process, while remaining true to the unique pieces that have driven their success. In this Realcomm webinar from May 27, 2021, commercial real estate investment management software experts explored what IT teams should take into account when modernizing their firms’ tech stacks.

Chuck Niswonger, President of NiceNets Consulting, kicked off the conversation by highlighting some of the indicators that IT teams should recognize when considering whether it’s time to integrate new tech solutions.

Joe Moskowitz, Dealpath’s Director of Business Development and Strategic Solutions, provided an overview of how IT teams can identify technology that enables them to remove inefficiencies across the pipeline. To truly benefit both the organization’s bottom line and reduce the workload for analysts who use the platform, Joe explained that the ideal software should:

-Have an established, goal-oriented implementation process
-Add day-to-day value by streamlining tasks
-Capitalize on integrations with your existing tech stack

To learn more about how Dealpath can improve efficiencies and centralize data, schedule a demo:

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JLL Spark

JLL Spark is a strategic global venture fund investing in startups transforming commercial real estate through technology.